Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Stones and poetry book in Marly's writing room.
THE LYDIAN STONES will begin on my birthday and is meant as a gift to readers and those who love all branches of the arts. Please e-follow or plan to visit on the 22nd, when the first pebble will be tossed onto the site of a future cairn made up of many stones, bright or dark, memorials and markers of encounters with beauty and shapeliness.

Future posts will appear on Tuesdays as well... I am mulling which one to post first. Not the one somebody did relating to me--that would be immodest, even on a birthday. Maybe one that has music and poetry. Always good to have a little music on one's natal day.


  1. "Lydian Stones" are new to me (thanks for the definitions) and a wonderful name and image for your new and second blog. Looking forward to the treasures to come!

  2. Robbi gets first comment award (like so many things, the act is its only reward!)

    marja-leena, I am glad to see you here, there, everywhere...

  3. Happy birthday my dear Marly. My gift to you will be late. Well, you knew it would be didn't you? I am not timely with the posting of parcels. Anyway, it will be nice to have a surprise once the general brouhaha and the frolics are over.

    I loved your description of the treasures Mike brought from Morocco, and shall imagine you today sashaying around in jewel-embellished curl-toed sandals, trailing airy scarves and the heady spiced scents of the bazaar. You will no doubt crush indigo into rose-water with pestle and mortar, and have handmaidens trace a lacy filigree of midnight blue onto your face and arms so that you will look as though you have been night-veiled by the most cunning couturier. There will no doubt be a banquet of fragrant Moroccan delicacies prepared by Mike. Spit-roast lamb. Cous-cous stained with saffron and studded with pomegranate seeds and candied fruits. Sweet almond milk to drink and light-as-air pastries dripping with syrups. How I wish I could be there.

    Have a wonderful day with your family. Peter and I send oceans of love.

  4. Clive,

    What a tempting comment!

    I'm afraid the main celebration will be Saturday, as the youngest will be going to Rome after school for wrestling weigh-in, and the middle one must be fetched home and then there's Thanksgiving... But I shall do my best to live up to your splendid imaginings!