Friday, February 3, 2012

Almost "The Lydian Stones"...

Adams on Szymborska:

"Yesterday, when I heard the news, it seemed ironic and coincidental that I had just taken down her book and quoted from it here two days before. But then again, perhaps it wasn't so odd, because, as I said, I re-read her poems often. It was Szymborska who I had planned to pick for Marly Youmans' "Lydian Stones" project - a choice that would probably seem too obvious now. But at the time, looking at the jacket photograph with her ever-present cigarette, I had wondered how she was doing, with no idea she was in the process of leaving the world."

Take a love at Beth's tribute to the just-departed poet here.

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  1. Thanks for this Marly. Beth, this is a lovely tribute. And yes, I can see the irony on Symborska's face.